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A warm-up? What’s that?

The idea of warm-up events is preceding the final conference an this is response to the expectations of our Participants, who expect access to knowledge more often than once a year, as well as the fact that we will not only point out problems, but also strive to develop solutions and promote the correct interpretation of the law.

WarmUps! are intimate workshops and seminars where we discuss issues that will be the subject of the final conference. To conduct meetings we engage our future speakers and experts. That way our members and guests have access to fresh reliable knowledge first.

We don’t want the ELMC to be another boring event where theoretical knowledge or subjective viewpoints are imparted. The changing and multifaceted legal reality requires confronting multiple points of view from representatives of different backgrounds. The warm-ups are an ideal opportunity for this purpose.

The ELMC is not a one-time event – throughout the year we organize workshops and seminars in various places in Poland. These initiatives contribute to the dissemination of reliable knowledge on topics related to the posting of workers in the cross-border provision of services.

We build bridges between communities, generate convenient space for networking and opportunities to exchange experiences. The Warm-ups program is shaped on an ongoing basis according to the needs.

This year’s leading topics are the posting of third-country nationals and cross-border Live-in care services. We are paying special attention in this context to the problem of the so-called Vander Elst visa and cases of deportation from Germany of properly posted workers who are third-country nationals.

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