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City of Kraków as the location for discussions on the posting of workers under the European freedom to provide services

The city of Krakow would like to express its gratitude to the participants, speakers, and organizers of the 7th European Labour Mobility Congress for choosing Krakow once again as the location for discussions on the posting of workers under the European freedom to provide services. Krakow is a city with a unique history and culture where the beauty and heritage of the past merge with the modernity and dynamism of contemporary life. The presence of culture and tradition can be felt in every corner of the city, making it one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Europe. Krakow’s genius loci fosters free exchange of ideas and creative discussion, even in cases of divergent views, which helps find solutions to challenging problems.

We are extremely proud that Krakow had the opportunity to host the European Labour Mobility Congress once again, and we hope that all participants had the chance to experience its unique charm and enchanting atmosphere. During the Labor Mobilis gala, the recital of Karolina Leszko and Paweł Piątek allowed you to experience the musical beauty of Krakow, presenting the unique repertoire of Marek Grechuta, which is an integral part of Krakow’s culture.

We hope that ELMC met your expectations and provided valuable knowledge to help you develop and achieve your goals. We secretly hope that both the city and the congress left you with enough desire to return here as soon as possible to meet again.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Polish Ministry of Development and Technology for their support as co-organizer of the first day of the Congress, to the Regional Partner – Małopolska, and to the Partners – Fragomen and PCS | Littler for their invaluable support in organizing this exceptional event.

Thank you very much, and we invite you to participate in events organized in Krakow.

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