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Malopolska – an investor-friendly region

Małopolska is a region that for years has been among the top provinces most attractive to investors, both Polish and foreign. The high rate of economic development, numerous business support institutions, good transport infrastructure are just some of the reasons why global corporations have decided to invest here. The investment potential of the region is also recognized in prestigious European competitions and lists.

The undisputed leader of Malopolska is the historic city of Krakow, where the modern business services market is thriving. The ecosystem of universities, research institutes and global corporations also creates excellent conditions for the development of startups and technology, distinguishing Krakow in Europe and the world. Krakow is also one of Poland’s most important academic centers offering a rich pool of highly qualified professionals. The high quality of education offered by Jagiellonian University and the AGH University of Science and Technology is recognized by the most important Polish and international rankings of higher education institutions.

There are many reasons to choose Malopolska:

  • More than 460 thousand registered business entities, of which more than 4 thousand are engaged in export activities.
  • Exports of goods and services from Małopolska amount to more than EUR 10 billion – that’s the 6th position in Poland.
  • The region’s GDP in 2021 was over PLN 215 billion – that’s 8.2% of the GDP of the whole country
  • he highest value in the country of GERD (total outlays on research and development) in relation to GDP (2.41%) and the second highest value of BERD (outlays of enterprises on research and development) in relation to GDP.
  • More than 700 entities engaged in R&D activities (2nd in the country)
  • 2nd place in the country in terms of the share of innovative companies in the total number of companies. There are as many as 35% of them.
  • 2nd place in terms of the share of those working in R&D in the total workforce
  • 3rd place in the country in terms of reported inventions and granted patents
  • Małopolska has been classified by the European Commission as a moderate innovator. Other Polish units are classified a class lower, as emerging innovators.
  • 1st in the country in terms of people working in BPO centers (about 92,000) and 2nd in terms of the number of business centers (261)
  • ensures high availability of university graduates, including engineering and biological sciences.
  • A modern infrastructure for the training of personnel and the operation of ICT companies, and a high potential for research in energy technologies.
  • Małopolska, is also one of the most important BIO-regions of Poland, with high potential for the development of life sciences and well-developed medical facilities.
  • It ranks 2nd among provinces in terms of expenditures on R&D activities (nearly PLN 5 billion annually).
  • Małopolska is the “European Entrepreneurial Region 2016.”

It should not be forgotten that a huge impact on the economy is that Małopolska is one of the most interesting regions in Poland, offering a wide range of cultural and tourist attractions. Małopolska is the region with the largest number of monuments in Poland, the cradle of Polish culture and cherished traditions. We have the most UNESCO monuments (14) and the most national parks in Poland (6). In addition, 11 landscape parks, 10 areas of protected landscape and 86 nature reserves. More than half of Malopolska’s area has been recognized as a nature conservation area. Two areas – Babia Góra and Tatra National Park – are UNESCO biosphere reserves. They are unique places in the world, with unique natural beauty. The region’s unique cultural and natural heritage, a rich, varied and often unconventional tourist offer, a multitude of cultural events, a still-living tradition, as well as delicious cuisine – all this makes Małopolska the most visited region in Poland.

Being aware of its strengths, Małopolska has set 7 smart specializations, i.e. life sciences, sustainable energy, information and communication technologies, chemistry, metal production, electrical and machine engineering, and creative and leisure industries. It is to these scientific and economic fields that we have given development priority. They support the cooperation of science and business, which greatly facilitates the flourishing of innovation. Within the specializations, ROP funds for research and innovation are accumulated.

In order to unify activities in the field of economic promotion and standardization of investor service, and to support Małopolska entrepreneurs in exports, the Business in Małopolska Center was established in 2009. The Center’s most important tasks include:

  • maintaining a database of investment offers in Małopolska
  • to develop investment offers
  • enabling contact between Małopolska and foreign companies
  • to develop and distribute information about the region’s economy
  • international promotion of the economic potential of Małopolska
  • territorial marketing and promotion of innovative investments
  • cooperation with territorial self-government units, business environment institutions and the scientific sector for the economic development of Małopolska

The strength of Małopolska is its huge economic potential, the development of entrepreneurship and modern technologies, as well as its infrastructural facilities. All these factors make Małopolska an attractive place for investment and business development, and increasingly it is here that the headquarters of Polish and international companies are established.

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