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Visit SYKOM’s company stand in the Experts’ Village during the first day of the Congress

SYKOM is a manufacturer of HR and payroll software with comprehensive support for expatriate employees.

Why is it easy to post employees with Sykof HR?

  • You will effortlessly calculate payrolls for secondments in foreign currencies,
  • You will gather the necessary documentation [EHIC work cards, A1, visas, work permits].
  • You will generate the necessary applications with the possibility of their electronic submission, e.g. US-3, US-4,
  • You will see to the expiration dates of A1 certificates, medical examinations, authorizations, training, etc.
  • You will generate and store full HR documentation in electronic form
  • You will correctly settle the accounts of expatriate employees with Social Security and Tax Office
  • Provide documents for remote signature to employees residing in any location
  • You will instantly reach all the information you need at any given moment
  • You will easily keep records of working time according to the rules in force in a given country [e.g. banks of hours, vacations, public vacations in particular countries]

For more information, please visit www.sykofhr.pl.

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